Key benefits

The PowerSolMaxMicro explained

Optimal power

The innovative PSMM microinverters are installed at each individual solar panel to convert DC to AC power. The inverters don’t mutually interfere. If one panel is out of work or doesn’t perform well (e.g. because of the shadow or a technical problem), this has no effect on the output of the other panels. Each PSMM microinverter yields optimum power.

Easy maintenance

For easy maintenance of your solar farm, we monitor the power output of the individual panels. If there is a problem the system immediately sends a notification specifying the nature of the issue and the position of the specific panel on the farm. You can immediately locate the panel and fix or replace it. This saves a lot of time and money.

Best quality

The PSMM microinverter is made of high-end components. Our solution is based on proven technology. It is thoroughly tested and completely certified. You have a 25-year warranty on the PSMM. The expected product lifetime is 30 to 40 years whereas solar farms are usually designed to last about 25-30 years.

Maximum Return on your Investment

The initial costs are estimated at 5- 8% more than those of traditional string convertors. This is however easily compensated by low maintenance costs and maximum performance! Conventional string converters deteriorate over time, but not the PSMM microinverter. You can check the monitoring system, it keeps track of the power each panel produces. This can be specified per day, week, month or year.


There has been an increasing number of reports about solar-related fires. These incidents are caused by string inverters only. Because the PSMM microinverter only converts to low voltage, it is completely safe. There is no risk of overheating, fire or explosions. This means less you don’t have to worry about fire precautions and additional costs.

Scalable & Flexible

With PSMM microinverters, you can design a panel array using different gradients and angles. You can also add as many solar panels as you want. Because the panels are not connected, any future upscale has no impact on the existing configuration.